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Mtor why and mission.

Our mission is to make long lasting and meaningful connections with peers that can elevate your knowledge and career outside of your immediate circle.

Finding a mentor can be difficult for some, approaching someone and asking for advice in not typically something we are taught to do, which is why at mtor we make the process as simple for you as possible - we exist to cut through the awkwardness and make real connections based on your goals, allowing you to teach or be taught in areas that interest you.

Increasing community and knowledge is what we stand for.

How mtor works

  • Share if you want to be a mentor or find a mentor.

  • Join a network that is dedicated to helping each other

  • Help someone to Grow or grow yourself and enhance your career like never before

Community Engagement

Once you have shared what you are looking for, you will be invited to join our exclusive slack channel. From here you will be able to network among the community, share your ideas and engage in likeminded conversations throughout the channels.

Behind the scenes, the team will look for suitable connections for you based on the information you provide us. We will then invite you and your partner to chat, how it evolves following this is down to you. Online or offline you can choose to keep it on the conversation on the channel or not, work around your schedule and speak when you both have time.

Industries where our mentors work

  • Green-tech
  • Consulting
  • Automotive and Mobility
  • Med-tech
  • E-Commerce
  • Fin-tech
  • many more